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Donal Fox Solo

With an encyclopedic ear and ravishing technique, Donal Fox draws on a vast repertoire in this solo piano concert that includes works by and based on J.S. Bach, Thelonious Monk, George Frideric Handel, John Coltrane, Frédéric Chopin, Radiohead, Robert Schumann, Ornette Coleman, John Dowland, Horace Silver and more.


Donal Fox

Invention Trio

Donal Fox and his Inventions Trio tackle both jazz and baroque repertoire with visionary takes on Scarlatti, Bach, Monk, Coltrane, Coleman and more. Internationally acclaimed as a composer, pianist, and improviser, Fox expertly fuses jazz, Afro-Latin and classical idioms into intricate new works and electrifying performances. Praised by The Boston Globe as "unique and utterly commanding," Fox de- and reconstructs Bach, Piazzolla, Schumann, Monk, Schoenberg and more, adding propulsive grooves and using composed themes as springboards for glorious improvisational flights that blend baroque with bebop, twelve-tone techniques with twelve-bar blues.

Donal Fox Inventions Trio

Shalin Liu Performance Center

Rockport Jazz Festival 

Song for My Father by Horace Silver (arr. Fox)


Donal Fox, piano, composer, arranger

John Lockwood, double bass

Dafnis Prieto, drums and percussion


Fox Wolf Duo

Pianist, composer and arranger Donal Fox invites longtime collaborator Warren Wolf to join him in an intimate duo setting over Fox originals, as well as signature arrangements reframing jazz, latin and classical repertoire. These two outstanding virtuosos blaze through Brahms, Schumann, Monk, Coltrane and more, for a high voltage excursion teeming with depth, swagger and improvisational grace.

Donal Fox, piano, composer, arranger
Warren Wolf, vibraphone & marimba


Donal Fox

Innovations Quartet

"Groundbreaking pianist, composer, and improviser Fox's music uncompromisingly melds Monk, Bach, and Afro-Cuban jazz with the poise of the Modern Jazz Quartet and the power of the John Coltrane Quartet.” (Boston Globe)


Donal Fox Innovation Quartet has forged a unique amalgam of jazz, Latin, and classical music. Combining deep grooves with sophisticated contrapuntal lines, he and his quartet create a striking musical collage that is at once stirring, visceral, imaginative and intellectually satisfying. Fox mines the rich resources of jazz and classical literature, crafting an expanding repertoire of original compositions seamlessly wedded to the undeniable pulse of Afro-Cuban jazz. His inventive blend marches boldly toward new sounds, effortlessly “confounding the genre police.” (DownBeat)


Donal Fox, piano, composer, arranger
Warren Wolf, vibraphone
John Lockwood, double bass
Obed Calvaire or Dafnis Prieto, drums

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